Wooden Objects


Original Wood Creations!

WOOD ME UP's wooden objects can give a unique touch to every event, become part of the decoration of your space and elements of your everyday life!

But what is hidden behind WOOD ME UP wooden creations? Our own love for wood and its possibilities, persistence in innovation and a story that begins like this...

In Evosmos, Thessaloniki, in a modern laboratory. There we slowly began to manufacture wooden church items.

We soon enriched our product range with various products such as: wedding/christening invitations, favor materials, wedding decoration materials, product sampling shelves, wooden packaging boxes, tourist items, Easter and Christmas wooden accessories, decoupage materials, wooden restaurant catalogues.

Today, we design and produce for you, with passion and emphasis on detail, unique wooden objects for your events, your home decoration and your everyday life.

Our inspiration, wood. This wonderful natural material, which is fully recyclable and can give a distinctive style to everything made from it.

In addition to our ready-made products, we can design and make personalized wooden objects, based on your own wishes.

We have equipped our workshop with modern wood engraving and cutting machines, so we are able to create unique wood products for you.

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